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No one has won a world championship or goal medal or built a multi-million dollar business without the help of coaches and mentors.

What I need help with...



  • I created a company achieving $20 Million in annual sales
    ($10 Million in revenue) in a B2C marketplace (Growth 500 twice, Globe and Mail Top 400 and #233 in Financial Times fastest growing companies in the Americas')

  • Launched and expanded the business in metros from New York to Los Angeles being resourceful, learning and executing ferociously while being bootstrapped

  • Always trying to "qualify for my job" - compounded learning, networking and assembling a tool belt of skills all focused on the next stage of growth has served me well over the years 

  • What I need help with is to get from $20 Million to $100 Million by 2022 that gets me on a path to a Billion - Yes, I'm not ambitious at all :)

"The number one reason for business success is high sales. the number one reason for business failure is low sales. All else is commentary."
- Get Smart, Brian Tracey



  • I've recruited incredible talent with a bootstrapped budget - attracting stars with prior track records to engineers, MBAs and data scientists who have had lots of other employment options

  • I've leveraged PR, speaking events, mentoring and networking to attract these star performers

  • I need help with recruiting C-Level execs who can complement and support me in a rapid scale-up to work in a fast-paced culture of execution and customer success

"My greatest management discovery through that transition was that peacetime and wartime require radically different management styles. Mastering both wartime and peacetime skill sets means understanding the many rules of management and knowing when to follow them and when to violate them." (Books about CEO's were mostly written during  "peace time")

Ben Horowitz, cofounder and general partner Andreessen Horowitz



  • My work ethic, drive, time management, persistence is serving me well, and I have no trouble delegating and trusting highly intelligent A-level performers who are constantly learning and applying  

  • What I have trouble with is ferocious execution through people of ALL skill sets, learning and execution potential - help me figure out ways to develop individuals of all abilities

  • I'm also looking for a CEO score card and input on working with boards and governance

“Success is in the million little things you do every day.  That’s what makes business hard; it’s not a one-time thing you do, but a lot of stuff that you have to keep doing every day.  But that’s how you build a successful business – with a million well-considered actions and decisions.” - Robert Herjavec



  • I've built an insane tech-stack with off-the-shelf and custom solutions and org charts to support scale - Marketing Automation, Inbound Marketing Campaign Structure Design, Sales Ops (inbound and outbound), Marketing Ops (content, SEO, SEM, PR), Fulfillment, Hiring and Training Processes (remote and in-person), overseas outsourcing and a whole lot more leveraging AI, data mining and machine learning tools - implementing rapidly and iterating/fortifying as we scale-up with customer feedback

  • What I need help with is the continued build of innovation in Solutions/Enterprise Architecture to drastically scale-up productivity, efficiency to support rapid growth

“A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week.” - General George Patton



  • I've learned a lot in the investment space working with angel investors, venture debt and VCs - pitching 100s of times (no exaggeration)

  • I've gone through extremely thorough due diligence processes employed by various professional money managers in both tech and non-tech industries

  • I'm applying what I've learned by being on the other side of the table - learning about various business models and investing  

  • What I need help with is intros to companies that need angel investors I can participate in, and have continued exposure to financing new ventures

“Some people dream of success, while other people get up every morning and make it happen.” - Wayne Huizenga

“The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt.” - Bertrand Russell

I've been "cursed" with drive, ambition and insatiable curiosity. Even with considerable achievements and often called on to speak and mentor, I need help to take my skills ten fold. I've benefited from many who have generously spent their time with me - happy to mentor, speak at events or help with anything so I'm also paying forward. Book a Call Here.

Compounded learning, networking and tools accumulated over the years have served me well (if I need to repeat this journey and arrive at where I'm now, I can do that at a much quicker pace). However getting to the next stage requires me to "level up" while not forgetting what got me here - great athletes continue to be great because they don't rest on their laurels. These athletes continuously build on a foundation of discipline and continuously evolve.

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