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The transition to 10x a $20 MM company requires a set of skills that are similar to what got me here: Leadership, focus and execution.

Getting from $0 Million to $20 Million required me to be relentlessly focused, continuously execute 24/7 and lead the company assembled with a bootstrapped budget. 

The fundamentals - leadership, focus and execution remain the same in getting to 10x, except that execution is done through others from a 60,000 foot level.

When you have executed over a decade with passion and seeing execution through 100s of individuals (and a decade of execution in my professional career in large organizations), you develop a "spidey sense" of who is BS and who is the real deal. That is, who is a doer who gets things done come hell or high water - raising the bar on standards and knowing the details of their craft. (vs a talker who skips over the details, always finds something to blame and plays politics)

“If you don’t understand the details of your business you are going to fail.” - Jeff Bezos

The shift with my skills is to put 80% of what I do into leadership, strategy and vision - keeping the company focused on executing the mission and purpose of the organization to serve customers.

If those were the only ingredients we should be all set, right? Wrong. I've come to find there are other ingredients to achieving success in scale-up.

Failures happen when companies go from stakeholder interests (customers and employees) to shareholder interests. If we look after the stakeholders, the latter will be taken care of. However, it's not easy to navigate the wider landscape that include politics and self-interests - an important piece of the 60,000 foot view leaders find themselves in when scaling up their companies.  

I'm on a journey surrounding myself with people smarter than me, reading books, listening to podcasts and seeking advice (knowing that the advice, while it might be right in their context, it might not be right for the specific situation you are in.)

Let's go on this journey together. Here's what I'm reading and thinking about...

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“Sushee is one of the most relentless and focused people I've ever met. He is passionate about getting things accomplished through team building and incredible problem solving. He is amazing at managing complex details and overcoming hurdles by being extremely resourceful.”